Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Like a thief who doesn't steal
Just as a criminal who knows no crime
The human who refuses to feel
It's been pride time after time

Who am I to judge another
I doesn't define them it defines me
Why cast that darkness on sister or brother
God gave us these eyes to truly see

Like a preacher who doesn't preach
Just as a news reporter who'll not report the news
A teacher who will not teach
Why bicker back and forth about our views

Yet in this world it's commonplace
To accept that which is not real
Unbeknownst to some God's grace
We're to busy expressing how we feel

So it is with the Christian who claims salvation
Whose actions are still similar to a life now dead
Who's constantly venting their frustration
It's impossible to recognize Christ as their head

How is it we can't see these angels of light
Shining so brightly right in our midst
If you weren't careful you'd think they're right
But their leading so many right to the abyss

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry