Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Our Only Hope

The real war's not on drugs
Nor is it about abortion
Neither is it against the thugs
Who blackmail by way of extortion

So much is done behind the scenes
By those you wouldn't even suspect
Who induce conflict by artificial means
While claiming it's you they're trying to protect

Evil is hoisted upon us all
In the form of media and advertising
It's all designed to make us fall
Though we do nothing, we're still criticizing

Leaders who fail to lead
Preachers who fail to preach
No urgency about the information we read
Far more teachers who really don't teach

Awakened each day to moral decay
As free trade agreements are the norm
Our civil liberties and rights are being taken away
In preparation for the oncoming global storm

Billions spent on what's called national security
We better wake up before it's too late
For we are a people herded off into obscurity
Into the hands of man whose already sealed his own fate

Terrorism is a means to justify more financing
Allowing their plans to forge ahead incrementally
You see how Satan's purpose is advancing
He's already anesthetized most of us mentally

How can man stay in agreement with man
When he's already broken covenant with his Creator
There's an evil in his heart he don't quite understand
Ever since the beginning of time he's been a traitor

We need to know the power that's ours to share
Man will hang himself given enough rope
But Christ Jesus is the power always right there
And we need to realize that He's truly our only hope

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry