Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Too late

How much did Jesus cost you
What promise did they make
Did they tell you all you could do
Did you feel like you were hearing this from a snake

You can have what you say
You can do all things
Then you awake one day
Experiencing the same ole sufferings

Is Jesus the one they talk about
Because they constantly manipulate His word
Now you're confused and filled with doubt
They're making claims that seems quite absurd

What they're selling you is their life
They're motivated by their greed
They don't care about your strife
Or about your spiritual needs

Yet this is what they do
They show you what's in the word
And the ironic part is that it's true
Has it dawned on you what's occurred?

Your intentions were honest and sincere
And they can see that about you
While witnessing to your flesh as well as your fear
Are they really telling you the right thing to do

If you don't get what you ask for
Then they'll say you really didn't believe
The game is switched and it cost you a bit more
So you wind up buying many more DVD'S

They'll throw Jesus name in a time or two
Just to keep it nice and above board
There's that twist in all you heard that's true
Even the demons tremble at the name of the Lord

You've had your fill, you're on a high
Now that you kept taking the bait
See how easy it gets to accept a lie
You better wake up before it's too late

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry