Ujamaa Christian Poetry

You And Me

Where is the watchman of the word
Who instills the fear of God in our hearts
Some of these so called ministers are a bit absurd
With their speeches, bibles and charts

What is your spirit receiving
Have they been true to their calling
The church has spirits quite deceiving
I know because so many are still crawling

They teach you just enough to cope
Yet their real god is the almighty dollar
Where's the power in Christ, where's the hope
Sometimes it makes you just wanna holla

The word came and regenerated our soul
But for some the thief came and stole it all
Satan and his ministers have quite a goal
Because so many have and will continue to fall

So much has become the norm
For the consciousness of many has been seared
Hardly anyone can withstand the storm
Because the true God is not feared

Lights, camera, action
They've been exquisitely polished
There sweet words can be such a distraction
It would seem the sheep are being demolished

They own nothing, yet they owe it all
Satan has even set up his own to be deceived
They even think on their life God has a call
But by their actions they've never believed

So in the hearts of men why is there no fear of God
A fact with which we all should be very disturbed
What a deception, such a great big façade
Please tell me where is the watchman of the word?

Now I've read the bible and was shown that which is true
It's by the Holy Spirit that I come to understand
God has placed quite a responsibility on me and you
As the Apostle Paul said, 'He was taught by no man'

Now that tells me that I must seek the kingdom first
For us to be on one accord, at some point we must agree
There must be an insatiable deep hunger and thirst
Because the true watchman of the word is you and me

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry