Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Battle Is Not Yours

Satan's plan is coming to fruition
His servants masterful in their deceit
For the world to acknowledge his position
The secret societies have been discreet

Now for the various treaties we've signed
All used as means to gain total control
Throughout history it went as he designed
So now his diabolical scheme is about to unfold

Wars are financed, and markets changed at the stroke of a pen
The resources of the world are in the hands of a few
New age revelers have you striving thinking you can win
As these methods are used to demoralize me and you

Religion is used as a means of passive obedience
Just another way for you to bow down and submit
And this is done with the utmost expedience
Slowly but surely, bit by bit

Life's lesson have been history is always repeated
Another day, another time it will rear it ugly head
For this is one event that will definitely be completed
We're being herded closer and closer to that day of dread

The Federal Reserve Act was an awful crime
Meant to separate us from the prosperity we once knew
Inflation continues on it meteoric climb
As for the politicians there's not a thing they can do

Money's being created right out of thin air
With nothing backing these paper notes
We've been made the collateral unaware
Because a New World Order is what they promote

One thing I've learned
And it has become perfectly clear
In case you're not the least bit concerned
These tactics are used to instill total fear

Ah but what's this I also see
And the scriptures makes it quite plain
To those of us born again and set free
The ultimate conclusion is Christ will reign

A one world government is on the way
And the time is winding down
Now is the time to accept Christ today
So let this be the talk of the town

He has said, 'He'd go before you in battle'
Throughout the land and the various sea shores
Because right now you're being herded as cattle
But fear not because the battle is not yours

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry