Ujamaa Christian Poetry

By Force

You claim to accept Christ as Lord and Savior
Yet there is a lack of joy in your soul
Before I go on do yourself a favor
Study the biblical faith of those once bold

You are to adorn yourself in victory
You are to walk with God's grace
Speak not those things contradictory
Live your life so others may see His face

At one time you were lower than low
You had no insight or vision
Never understood that you reap what you sow
You couldn't even make a decision

Now there are those who aggressively pursue
The Kingdom of Heaven and its treasure
Who's passion is to live a righteousness that's true
They're willing to forsake this world and its pleasure

They don't look on with such passive silence
They're aggressive in obtaining God as their source
That's why the Kingdom suffers violence
And the violent take it by force

Written by Ron Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry