Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Complete Control

The body is encouraged to move ahead
In spite the opposition it often face
As long as its food is Gods daily bread
It walks under the guidance of His grace

Though it's tossed in every direction
It might seem as though it's gasping for breath
But as long as it's under His protection
It's only experiencing the shadows of death

It should not be ruled by emotion
By His power it continues to stand fast
Its direction should always be in forward motion
For the body is well equipped for the task

When one part hurts the whole body's affected
Yet strength comes from everywhere
The head send orders to protect it
And healing is sent right there

So let this mind be in you
That's also in Jesus Christ
You must give Him the honor He's due
Being carnal will not suffice

Now learn this lesson well
Because you are part of a whole
For without God you're just a shell
Just give Him complete control

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry