Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I'm Waiting Just For You

In my word, you were warned of wars and rumors of wars
It also says, ' fear not because the battle is not yours'
All of your tears and sorrow, I will erase
So you still have a time to experience my grace

A door has been given to me to open, which no man can close
Wherefore Salvation dwells and it's right under you nose
You can no longer afford to look the other way
It's now time for you to kneel down, fast and pray

Time is running out, for my mercy is almost at its end
I also have a breaking point where I'll no longer tolerate your sin
But it's most beneficial for you however, that I exercise restraint
Because the man of lawlessness is set to destroy if possible all my saints

I have always been the advocate for your sin
Satan continues, accusing you over and over again
My Father has promised all that's His belongs to me
Since I'm the true vine, aside from me you'll never be free

I will not allow my saints to be captured
The time is upon you for my bride to be raptured
You still have a chance to search out and find me
When I close that door you'll miss that opportunity

All the pieces to my Father's plan are now in place
I'm coming for my people and they'll disappear without a trace
A time is coming like no other in this Earth's history
It's been prophesied all through time, there is no mystery

For this very reason I stepped into your world to die
Yet when you rebel against me, I can't help but cry
You are so precious to me in spite of the wrong you continue to do
Until that appointed time, I'm waiting just for you.

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry