Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Just Keep Going

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
My deepest fears had me horrified
It was so hard for me to catch my breath
Even with God standing right by my side

For a while my faith lagged behind
As my beliefs were tossed to and fro
In spite my commitment of a renewed mind
Forward was a direction I was afraid to go

Now my sight became quite blurry
As a deep darkness loomed up ahead
I was so overcome by fear and worry
Till the next moment became my dread

Then I became aware of what's behind
A past that should have died long ago
A past that held me captive and blind
To the truth God so wanted me to know

This was the truth that saved my life
As my fear and worry began to subside
Death's shadows you could cut with a knife
Because there was a light I could not hide

Sometimes you are going to fall
For in this walk you're always growing
But let this be a lesson to all
When you're going though hell, just keep going

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry