Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Body And Soul

There is a witness within us all
That expresses itself in the testimony
Its use of words can curtail our fall
And leaves no room for the phony

It's the witness that makes us believe
The truth to which we speak
Allowing our hearts to conceive
A bright future which was once bleak

Man will continue to hit a wall
But there's this power deep within
It can make even the weakest stand tall
We see it time and time again

When it speaks the Earth begins to move
Life takes on a whole new meaning
Everything in the house shouts I approve
The house it dwells has had a serious cleaning

Fear not for this world is passing away
Yet we must stand and be quite bold
For there's this witness that say
Fear the one who can kill body and soul

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry