Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Good Intentions

I've lived my life in the fast lane
Gave way to all sorts of pleasure
I never wanted my life to be plain
So I sought high and low for my treasure

Someone once mentioned salvation
And the gift of life eternal
Thought it to be a figment of their imagination
Based on what I saw that was external

I made money to no end
Lived in the homes of my choice
Donated to charities every now and then
Threw massive parties where I'd rejoice

People would crowd around me
Paying tribute to all I'd done
Yes it was one beautiful sight to see
Nobody was spoiling my fun

My life was my own
I lived each day as if it was my last
Never had the time to be alone
Because opportunity goes by awfully fast

But now here I lay
And my soul is on fire
Had I just one more day
I would've given Him all He require

But now it's too late for me
After all the nice things I've done
I was just to blind to see
That I needed God the Holy One

No one here can witness to salvation
No one here ever paid any attention
For I walked a road filled with temptation
Now in hell I live with my good intentions

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry