Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Enjoyed By Man

I marvel at God and all creation
And the relationship once enjoyed by man
His foresight in creating a plan for Salvation
And for His word so we'd later understand

Though Satan had another plan in mind
By destroying what God esteemed so high
When he began his invasion of all mankind
It was God's Holy Spirit drawing us nigh

For this world has become so corrupt
It would seem that sin reigns supreme
Yet there's a new order about to erupt
The Bible holds this as its climactic theme

But for the cross and His mercy and grace
He chose to be humbled and brought low
For what was prophesized will take place
This was something Satan did not know

Oh yes, there is a heaven above and hell below
We serve a God who's compassionate and kind
And still there's so much more we need to know
But if you keep seeking, eventually you'll find

This is why I marvel at God and all creation
This has been the story since the world began
Our generation is about to see His salvation
Then the relationship will be forever enjoyed by man

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry