Ujamaa Christian Poetry

By Bread Alone

From which brook do you drink
Has there been a refreshing of the tongue
Before you open your mouth stop and think
Because what comes forth may just be dung

The word speaks of rivers of life
For all those who hunger and thirst
A chance to be free from all strife
As well being cleansed of the curse

Which direction is your tongue inclined
What have you placed in your heart
If God examined you what would He find
This responsibility is yours for the most part

Day in and day out is our test
To endure to the bitter end
By faith we should do our best
To stand fast and turn from all sin

Within us all is that divine ability
To call those things that's are not as if they were
But the mind that dines in futility
Destruction is the delicacy it prefer

There's a certain rhythm, one must find
That makes life flow with a sense of ease
It's the deception that makes one blind
The very reason we must fall to our knees

Now from which brook do you drink
Because God said we can do nothing on our own
There's far much more to life than we think
For man does not live by bread alone

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry