Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lost The Fight

It's amazing how we choose to die
Believing our choices are so right
Unaware we're heading down a path of lies
The lesser the resistance, the lesser the fight

Decisions are mostly made based on emotions
Usually one finds themselves flying off the handle
In the heat of the moment there's no devotion
As righteousness is turned into scandal

We have no clue as to where we're going
We'll follow deception to the death
We pat ourselves on the back as if we're all knowing
And we'll defend our blindness with our last breath

Remember, flesh and blood is not what we wrestle with
It's the unseen dark forces of this world so cruel
They're tearing us apart bit by bit
Yet we'll say we're nobody's fool

Deceived without even the slightest clue
Educated no less with college degrees
Striving for what we think is true
While refusing to bow down and fall to our knees

Yes it's amazing how we choose to die
Believing our choices is so right
Unaware our path is filled with lies
For without God, we've already lost the fight

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry