Ujamaa Christian Poetry

What To Do

Lord how can I make it right
All I ever seem to do is wrong
I want to walk in your light
I've been in darkness far too long

I've walked with my head held high
Unaware I was on my way to the grave
Confused all along while believing the lie
Standing steadfast thinking I was brave

Walking through life with no protection
Being as intellectual as I thought I could be
On my own I had no sense of direction
Unaware I'd closed all doors to possibility

My life in trade for those things temporary
And I thought I was being a smart
Unaware the path I took was contrary
Now I'm wondering if I can have a new start

Oh Lord release my mind of all confusion
Lift me out of the darkness I face
I can't believe I was worshipping an illusion
Will you touch me with your saving grace

I just want to live my life in peace
If I must fight, teach me to fight for you
I need your life in me to increase
Only then will I know what to do

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry