Ujamaa Christian Poetry

To The Wall

You who think you're standing
Be careful you don't fall
For these last days will be demanding
Especially for the redeemed one and all

Set free to live the life of another
Victorious in a world destined for hell
God's command requires you love one another
And always remember the truth you must tell

For no temptation has seized you
Accept that which is common to man
You have the power to make all things new
And the strength to do the absolute best you can

This is not a sport for the spectator
For everyone living must participate
Seek and ye shall find Christ the educator
And repent before it's too late

There are numerous traps all around
As wheat and tare are hard to detect
Oh the tactics here are so profound
Which are set to confuse even the elect

So now, you who think you're standing
Be very careful you don't fall
Satan's forces are ever expanding
So be careful before they nail you to the wall

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry