Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Father's Wrath

Consider the lilies of the field
They do not toil nor do they spin
But the Father's love is revealed
In there beauty time and time again

Even Solomon, in all his splendor
Was not arrayed as one of these
So just stop worrying and surrender
For it's the Father you must please

So many people are striving
To achieve that impossible dream
In spite the fact they're barely surviving
And some even live with low self esteem

For worrying has no purpose at all
Except to elevate your level of stress
It amplifies issues that were once small
And with it comes a fear you'll posses

Worrying is a debt you cannot repay
You become prisoner in your own mind
It will sabotage each and everyday
And make solutions so hard to find

You worship of God becomes stale
Sometimes you may want to give up
Confined to a self induced jail
You chose to drink from that bitter cup

The answer's staring you in the face
But you've chosen your own path
All those other gods you've decided to embrace
Cannot save you from the Father's wrath

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry