Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Head On Collision

He who finds a wife
He finds a good thing
She should add joy to his life
As well as treat him as a king

A ministry she's honored to do
With a commitment that won't quit
For a man who loves what's true
With a heart that'll gladly submit

He shouldn't lord it over her
For she is not to be treated as a slave
Their thoughts and dreams should concur
And not lectures her on how to behave

She will stand by his side
No matter how rough the seas
As long as it's God where he abides
And he not ashamed to fall on his knees

It's only by God's grace they exist
Companions till death do they part
Though in sin they persist
It's God who'll prick their hearts

You can't expect her to submit to you
If you're not submitted to God
For without Him you have no clue
Everything else is just a façade

Remember she was your choice
You're the one who made that decision
I hope your were listening to God's voice
Or else you're en route to a head on collision

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry