Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Victorious Livin

Lord I'm sorry for complaining
I'm sorry for feeling depressed
What a horrible picture I was painting
When walking around so stressed

You gave back my life restored
To be a witness and just testify
Yet I sit around complaining I'm bored
Instead it should be You that I gratify

You were right about the battle
Not being ours to fight
Satan has branded some like cattle
But my desire is the way that's right

Speak to me Lord that I may hear
Words of wisdom so sweet
Renew my mind by eliminating my fear
It's only You who makes my life complete

May the mind of Christ also be in me
To confess that which I've been given
There's a need for this old world to see
Your power as it pertains to victorious livin

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry