Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Just Sin

As I sit here sipping from this cup
I'm thinking of God's mercy and grace
There are a few things I had to give up
So I could experience peace in this place

Being involved in situations not lawful
Has caused me nothing but grief
Where the outcome could be something awful
Especially if it imposes on my own belief

I was so miserable in my walk
So afraid of being on my own
I've always had someone with whom I could talk
I just couldn't stand being alone

It became apparent I needed to change
Rearrange the order of things I gave priority
I no longer want to be estranged
I need to direct my passion to the highest Authority

My God if you hear me
Save my soul from the fire
Set my spirit free
That You would be my only desire

This world has nothing that satisfies
For its goal is to keep you striving
Each day we're subjected to Satan's lies
Because it's so many struggling and barely surviving

Let go of all that binds and constricts you
It's time to give up and give in
Seek with your heart and soul Him that's true
Because when you think about its all just sin

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry