Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The True Vine

I offer up as a sacrifice
My body, soul and mind
I don't have to think twice
For all you've done for mankind

From an adult to a babe in a second
With a mind that's being renewed
To the Father I've been reckoned
And His word has become my food

I'm an unnatural branch in this tree
That's nourished from the same sap
Who's heart and mind is set to agree
Who also could be broken off in a snap

Who am I to exhibit such foolish pride?
Oftentimes I get lost on my own
For this tree is where I need to abide
Because there'll be trials I can't face alone

As I begin my journey from day to day
I hear so many others complain and whine
But all I have is wonderful things to say
All because I've been rooted in the True Vine

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry