Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Word

I've been to hell and back
More times than I care to say
Trying to find that thing I lack
And I'd search for it everyday

I would try masking my pain
Through illicit love affairs and make believe
A behavior I had no power to refrain
And self-righteousness is all I could achieve

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is all I ever heard
From others who lived no better than I
It just dawned on me what had occurred
But I couldn't play church by living a lie

The emptiness deep within my soul
Drove me pretty close to insanity
Those closest to me I felt cold
Till I'd blurt out all sorts of profanity

In a world of millions I was all alone
And no one seem to care
It's frustrating in this world on your own
Everywhere I'd turn no one was there

So I had to make the ultimate choice
It's can be a difficult thing when making a decision
In my quiet time I could hear this voice
Things began happening I could never envision

I struggled with this so intently
I didn't regret the decision I'd made
But I began to see things a bit differently
Because I was tired of this masquerade

Day by day it gets better and better
In spite all the things I heard
I began following scripture to the letter
And I haven't yet been disappointed by the Word

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry