Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Flesh

You'll not drag me down again
When you're in the midst of the fire
I'll not run with you to commit more sin
That life is one I no longer desire

You always seek the easy way out
Because you refuse to give in to change
Even I myself at times begin to doubt
And get this, it doesn't even seem strange

Sometimes things can seem so good
A familiar taste tugging at my mind
To weak to do the things I should
For years I've lived as if I were blind

There's a truth I'm definitely trying to pursue
For my desires and yours are no longer the same
The good that I would, this I don't do
And for this I only have myself to blame

You'll not have control over me
Because I seek Divine protection
The only way I can experience true victory
I just have to put you under subjection

Just think, I could've ended up the same way
Had I followed you down that path
But I have the power to get through my day
Ever since I've been spared of God's wrath

So now it's time to be revealed
Since my mind is renewed afresh
The very reason why I made my appeal
Was to destroy the power of the Flesh

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry