Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mercy And Grace

I write this that you may believe
God is still alive today
The is one miracle I couldn't conceive
God just had to have His way

For I spoke of death in my life
A prophecy almost fulfilled
Little did I know I wasn't going through the strife
Because it was His time to rebuild

Diagnosed with such disease
As type II diabetes, hypertension and cancer
The torrential waves of my seas
Yet I knew my Lord had the answer

I was medicated from stem to stern
My mind playing tricks on me
Yet there was something I had to learn
That moved me into the realm of hope and possibility

Also there was a problem with weight
Such a burden when I would walk
My words almost sealed my fate
That's when He said listen don't talk

Oh but for the Glory of God
For by His stripes I am healed
Even though some find it odd
This was something I could no longer conceal

So much energy from day to day
With all the exercising and eating right
He continues to mold this piece of clay
That I may shine as a beacon of light

Just learn to walk in your healing
And let that be the confession you speak
Don't succumb to your feelings
Without Christ, you'll always be weak

This wasn't something that happened mysteriously
For a real miracle has taken place
My advice would be for you to take this seriously
Because we're all living on God's mercy and grace

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry