Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I'll Persevere

In my moment of need
I can always call on you
In my prayers as I plead
You just keep carrying me through

I'm just a branch in this tree
Being groomed to bare fruit
In need of your eyes to see
Because you are the root

The reason I gave up my ways
Because you were my obvious choice
And now that you inhabit my praise
It's such a joy whenever I rejoice

Promises made were promises kept
It's always been me letting you down
Some things were just too hard to accept
But now I'm striving for the crown

You've rewarded me with your love
Brought me peace through your grace
Now my mind is stayed on things above
That I may live to testify in this place

In this body I'll continue to groan
But I know you're always near
This fight I'll no longer fight alone
With you by my side I'll persevere

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry