Ujamaa Christian Poetry


The Church should be on a mission
In gathering all the souls it can
But standing in direct opposition
You'll find the fears and exploits of man

There you'll find God's limitation
If you'd just take a look around
You can't possibly expect His manifestation
Especially if the flesh has Him bound

As earthen vessels standing still
Where's the greater, is He that's within
Our flesh trying so hard to do His will
We find ourselves repenting over and over again

Through words come life and death
Ever wondered why you couldn't perform?
Even though life was set forth by God's breath
Truly it's the flesh that will not conform

Our thoughts and ways must diminish
Only then can He truly be manifest
It's in death where life will replenish
Yet the flesh stands in complete protest

So if Christ is the chief corner stone
And the flesh refuses to die day to day
With man taking credit all on his own
Then whose Church is it anyway

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry