Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Your Authority

Lord don't take your spirit from me
In my selfishness I've fallen from your grace
I realize I've been acting somewhat foolishly
That I'd put myself in a dangerous place

I've never been able to keep my commitment
Just to see a situation through to the end
All I do is wander around like some malcontent
With this worldly philosophy I've tried to defend

In conversation there's so much confusion
It's just so hard for us to be on one accord?
But in dying I've come to the this conclusion
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord

What a perfect love God has for us all
Should it not motivate us to give our best?
Yet we place Him in the recesses of our minds so small
And have the nerve to bombard Him with ridiculous request

Lord you're not the reason for the drama I face
Although Satan would like me to think so
In various situations you've shown mercy and grace
Also you've directed me in the path I should go

So why is this Christian walk so hard?
Have I given self, a higher priority?
If these steps I take, I take with no regard
Then I place self under your authority

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry