Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Saved By Grace

It's my turn to be transformed
For He's called me for service
There's a people I must inform
Yet in my soul I'm so nervous

Yesterday I was riddled with sin
Unbeknownst to my selfish side
But now there's a change within
And it's destroyed my foolish pride

Now my mind stands as referee
Of the war raging in my soul
Flesh and spirit will not agree
Because they both want full control

Now I'm told I can do all things
And my frustration's at an all time high
Before I was able to mount up on eagle's wings
I'd bought into the deception and the lie

Today the Father has drawn me
And I'm so unworthy of His love
But He's opening up my eyes to see
A life I've been so neglectful of

In His presence I'm standing in awe
Yet I'm so overjoyed but nervous
His grace has freed me from the law
As my heart's being prepared for service

Each day requires new understanding
Of the obstacles I'll have to face
On heavenly things my minds expanding
Now that I've been born again saved by grace

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry