Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I'm called procrastination
I save today's task for tomorrow
To all I give this invitation
So they'll eventually dwell in sorrow

So why not just lay back and relax
Just let time keep passing you by
Since things have begun falling thru the cracks
You can just sit back, complain and cry

Success is something you'll never achieve
Because the path of least resistance is my forte
And that makes it so hard for you to believe
So why not let this be just another lazy day

I'm always promising you'll do better
Because you fail to realize that laziness is my friend
Besides, who ever said you were a go getter
What part of this don't you comprehend

Now since we've met
Let's go over your situation
Today's seed can bloom into tomorrow's regrets
As long as you pledge allegiance with procrastination

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry