Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Seems Right To A Man

Is my way the right way?
Is this a false peace I feel?
I'm baffled at what to say
I no longer know what's real

There is a way that seems right
And I've set my goals to achieve
But am I fighting the wrong fight
Am I living what I truly believe

Good intentions to the left of me
Good intentions to my right
Some things I can't seem to see
Has selfishness taken away my sight?

I've achieved quite a bit in life
And still I have a yearning for more
The lack of contentment causes me strife
There's a desire I've never had before

Now I've help many by my giving
And yes, I even prayed for one or two
But the question remains as to how I'm living
I must consider the things I do

I've grieved till I'm out of breath
But God has a master plan
To deliver from this body of death
That way that seems right to a man

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry