Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In My Heart

There's an eternity in my heart
That longs for what I've yet to understand
Searching and not finding tears me apart
For mine is the limited life of man

I've replaced love for hate
And willingness for procrastination
The path I take is not quite straight
But I'm seeking a new destination

Alert yet still I remain asleep
My thoughts and ways are contrary
There's a darkness that flows so deep
Till my own surroundings seems scary

Though truth resides deep within
Like others, I've worshipped the creation
And all that is hidden because of my sin
Is driving me to the point of desperation

Lord, please draw me to You
Search all that's within me
Bring out that which is true
Set my spirit free

Show me the steps I should take
In so doing I won't fall apart
All of these changes I desire to make
Is due to the eternity You placed in my heart

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry