Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Good Will Towards Men

In heaven was a great war
To decide who would rule
It reached as far as Earth's floor
Now man's days would be cruel

Woe to the Earth below
For Satan's be thrown down
Man would be tossed to and fro
In deciding who'd wear the crown

Now that his days are filled with grief
He stands in total condemnation
In his confusion he seeks relief
That eventually leads to frustration

Guilt and deception covers his path
As wickedness thrives in his heart
He's now walking under God's wrath
By His mercy, still he's been set apart

The price paid in full for man's sin
Signifies the battle's already won
Being restored to the Father once again
By the sacrifice made by Jesus the Son

Since he has the knowledge to choose
He stands to be blessed or cursed
Though some would out right refuse
For righteousness others would thirst

In laying his life down on the cross
He learns to live by grace
Prior to this he was utterly lost
Now the advocate pleads his case

Each day he now lives by grace
His heart is being renewed afresh
The eternal life he's about to embrace
Means he must crucify the flesh

Now as for this holiday season
Something we pray for every now and then
For Christ is the only reason
For peace on Earth and good will towards men

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry