Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Grace On Thee

America, America God shed his grace on thee
Why crown thy good with brotherhood, if we can't all agree
We'll never appreciate God's grace, and it's meaning
We've taken this country for granted, now He's intervening

Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain
Where's the purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain
America, America if God has shed his grace on thee
Why suffocate the lives of others, by the laws you decree

Satan tempted Jesus with wealth and kingdoms
Yet its was God He chose God to serve
When you fall prey to your own selfish way
In the end, you get what you deserve

September 11th 200, a pivotal point in this nation's history
We all prayed as atheists sought God, now that's
quite a mystery

Take this opportunity, to give him the honor he's due
Let's come together to help those unfortunate few?
War continues to rage in many lands, as a way of life for most
Yet we're so complacent about the freedoms, we have and boast

Let's pray, so one day the tables don't turn
The changes this country's been through, is cause for major concern
America, America you continue to look away from your own backyard
Why trust in a country for which, its own there's no regard

O' beautiful for patriot dreams that see beyond the years
Where have all the patriots gone, without vision the dream disappears?
Everything evil's assumed good, everything good's assumed evil
Political incorrectness leaves us in a state of constant upheaval

You'll allow our babies to go to war, unaware of all the dangers
In foreign countries, to fight and kill total strangers
The word of God states, we're to respect the various authorities
In spite the constant abuse placed upon this countries minorities

Stop looking to the left, or to the right
Focus our attention towards God, and his marvelous light
How dare you take prayer out of our schools?
For God allows his Son to shine on the righteous, as well
as the fools

So, now why crown thy good with brotherhood, when being
free just ain't free
Right here in America, America where God shed his grace on thee

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry