Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Godly Men

Men worshipping together
Giving God His due
Wanting change for the better
By embracing what's true

The transformation of a man
From darkness to the marvelous light
Gives him the strength to stand
For his struggle's an internal fight

Praising together one and all
Taking it all to God in prayer
Giving him the courage to stand tall
This is a spectacle so very rare

He's the head of his domain
Accountable to God for all
There are things which he must abstain
Or else, he's most certain to fall

Thank God for men with vision
To see a thing through to the end
Helping others to make the right decision
So they won't make the same mistakes again

So much to be thankful for
Since this world's almost at its end
Yet we can still walk through salvation's door
Because we need more godly men

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry