Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Total Submission

I've come to this conclusion
Submission to God is key
While in the midst of my confusion
Made me appreciate His authority

He took on all my weight
Which allowed me see a bit clearer
Directed me to the path that's straight
I just had to take a good look in the mirror

His love was hard for me to conceive
For in my flesh resides a crippling fear
Some things became difficult to believe
Yet I believe my efforts were sincere

So much food for thought
His word was sweet to the taste
Such a comfort it brought
I saw bad habits being replaced

But in laying hands the sick remained
The demons didn't even tremble
Fear kept me bound and chained
Was it Christ who I resembled?

I'd become my own worst enemy
In my own efforts I'd fail
After all He's given to me
My testimony became somewhat stale

So you see why I have to confess
And this is becoming my mission
In spite the fear, I must impress
A need for all to be in total submission

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry