Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Resurrection Sunday

A time where we all reflect
Christ's life and crucifixion
Something we should never forget
His death was not some fiction

Picture if you will
Those passing sentence
As He humbly remained still
Very few sought true repentance

His death was their priority
Just as it was foretold
They fail to recognize His authority
For His teaching was downright bold

Imagine claiming to be the Son Of God
In the midst of a group so religious
Even today some might find that odd
How could such a man be so prodigious?

He did so much for man
His coming gave us light
The crucifixion was part of His master plan
And darkness would be removed from our sight

So now the sentence was passed
For Him to be crucified
They thought this day… be His last
That their lust for blood would be satisfied

In their minds they saw Him defeated
While the believers hearts were grieved
Yet some stood around quite conceited
Thinking their purpose would be achieved

As they gazed at the cross
Unaware of the position they were in
Maybe His death would be our loss?
Instead it paid the price for our sin

Now as they laid Him in the tomb
It was said, in three days He'd rise
So now in their minds they're consumed
But three days later they were totally surprised

So as we sit back and reflect
Let's truly thank God as we pray
For His death had a miraculous affect
That's why we worship this resurrection Sunday

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry