Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Walk With Integrity

Lord I've made a decision to move on
Now I'm so full of anxiety and stress
At one time I thought my hope was gone
No faith to walk this road to success

I know my choices weren't always right
Because failure's such a hard pill to swallow
Even in my tunnels I could still see a light
Fort it's always been you I've desired to follow

Once I decided to make the change
The unseen forces began to move
Things began to happen that were strange
No one said the transition would be smooth

Now as each day passes me by
The anxiety and stress seems to subside
Because of certain principles I had to apply
Something good is happening on the inside

My environment is taking on a different shape
Because the gauze of sin is removed from my eyes
This is a life from which I truly needed to escape
Only you Lord could see through my disguise

I'm beginning to see things a bit clearer
I can feel your presence all around me
In the midst you took away my fear
Just so I could walk with integrity

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry