Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Full Armor Of God

My Lord loves me because I'm so protected
Cleansing all my sin, of which I was infected
Now I must be a witness to His marvelous light
But first I must be prepared for one ferocious fight

Lord, show me what I need to wear to be on guard
No longer can I live my life with no regard
What outfit is this you've placed in my sight?
It looks to be more affective in darkness instead of light

What are these garments used for?
I've never seen a belt quite like this before
It says Belt of Truth, what could it mean
Is this suppose to keep my heart and mind clean

With this I see there's quite a bit of preparation
Along with the belt goes the Helmet of Salvation
It protects my head and keeps my thoughts pure
Without it, this will be a fight I can't endure

This battle's intensifying, still forward I press
Now that I wear the Breastplate of Righteousness
It allows me to stand in battle and be effective
But to you Lord my heart remains subjective

Prepare me lord, for the battle is where it all starts
For the Shield of Faith can quench all the fiery darts
Also I wear the Sandals of Peace for a reason
For your word to be instant in an out of season

So much death spoken from the tongue, I can't stand to hear it
Filled with your word, I go forth with the Sword of the Spirit
There are strongholds in the heavens threatening our salvation
That can only be destroyed in Prayer and Supplication

The Lord thought of everything in this war
Let's seek out the lost souls as never before
And if you find the battle to be a bit to hard
Just make sure you're wearing, the Full Armor Of God

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry