Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Christ

Imagine if you will
The one being accused
Your heart beats still
For the life you're about to lose

Silently you stand
Knowing your plight
It was part of a master plan
Supposedly making all things right

The crowds all jeer
Taunting and cursing your name
Too much for one man's ear to hear
And still you're taking all the blame

Is man really worth all of this?
All your suffering, pain and strife
One of your friends betray you with a kiss
Knowing you're about to lose your life

They don't even recognize you as the Savior
Who came to save man from his sin
Though they're exhibit atrocious behavior
You showed love time and time again

Your best friend said, he'd die for you
But Satan got hold to his mind
Distracting him from the purpose true
Turned right around and denied you three times

Have I painted a graphic enough picture?
Would you be willing to be our sacrifice?
If you'd take a look in the scripture
That man's name was Jesus Christ

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry