Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Walk Alone

Each day's a breath of fresh air
Though storms may trouble the sea
My peace comes in the form of prayer
Where I am sustained totally

As my enemies decide my fate
I use to wonder if they'd win
But my Lord has taken the weight
For all my transgressions and sin

In Christ I stand on solid ground
For He has built a strong foundation
Where His doctrine of truth is sound
Where I walk the road of Salvation

In my heart there's such a yearning
Yet I find it as being fulfilled
In this life we're constantly learning
To find the treasures He's instilled

I can't get weary in my well doing
Knowing it's better to give than receive
Because this path that I'm pursuing
Is riddled with obstacles set to deceive

So this battle is no longer mine to fight
Though at times I seem to be on my own
In my quest trying to do what's right
I've learned I don't have to walk alone

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry