Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Am Healed

As I sat at His feet
I marveled at the revelation
The Word never tasted so sweet
I'm so glad I accepted His invitation

A chance to begin afresh
As my yesterday's have up and gone
Though frustration still resides in my flesh
His grace and mercy never leaves me alone

He encourages me to love others
Set my aspirations high
Be encouraged my sisters and brothers
His blessings come in abundant supply

At His table I can have my fill
Of the delicacies placed before me
My dessert is to do His will
And be a light for the world to see

Wisdom's aroma has never smelled so sweet
The Master Chef has prepared this meal
The fragrance has swept me right off my feet
And now by His stripes I am healed

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry