Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Man was born to reach a destination
A place where all truth is known
He has a deep rooted obligation
A point he can't reach on his own

In this walk he'll always fall
There's only one who can make him stand
But he must be willing to give his all
For great is the selfishness in man

In his search for control
He places many obstacles in his way
Oftentimes he's compromised soul
It's whatever gets him through his day

He has the desire to be totally free
In his search he designs his own prison
Locked away yet he holds the key
For self is the motivator of his decision

So where does he go from here?
Being that his choices can end in frustration
He can never expect to overcome his fear
Until he come to know who controls his destination

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry