Ujamaa Christian Poetry


What's will all this prosperity talk
With all the injustices we see
Most folk can't even walk
So how do they live to be free?

The truth is barely being preached
Sometimes it gets hard to distinguish what's true
God's covenant has been breached
Because you learn to only think about you

You're told you can do all things
And it's spoken with such sincerity
They dine on your suffering
Because you provide their prosperity

You sell your soul to win
For you want to be recognized
But once you encounter your sin
This is a life you begin to despise

This struggle is not with blood, nor flesh
It's the dark forces that's driving you
Always being moved to do your best
Is God's hand really in all you do?

It's such a thin line between right and wrong
But what feels good, is why we're moved
And this has been going on for so very long
Have we really studied to show ourselves approved?

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry