Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The True Friend

I'll stand by you when in need
I'll encourage and cheer you on
My heart is for you to succeed
I never want you to be withdrawn

Step by step I'll see you through
I'm there to help you understand
Whatever you have in your mind to do
I'll help you with your plan

If your behavior comes into question
I'll not ridicule nor venture to judge
I'll forgive you for your indiscretion
And I'll never ever hold a grudge

Whatever you may be going through
I'll be there to hear your heart
My desire is to edify and encourage you
Knowing there's nothing to tear us apart

Can't you see my love for you?
I'm the only one on which you can depend
Why do you think I do what I do?
For mine is the life of the true friend

Written by Ronnie Enoch


Ujamaa Christian Poetry