Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Nature's Beauty

I was walking down the street the other day
When I walked past a beautiful yellow flower
It was so beautiful, it took my breath away
Gazing upon it, I could have stood there for hours.

Then suddenly, it dawned on me
This is a creation of God; nature's beauty
I had been blind to this, I couldn't see
I had admired many things, but not the things that were free.

I desired many worldly things, things I had to have for fun
cars, nice homes, money and and even power
I never took the time to stop and really gaze upon God's creation
The world had blinded me to the wonder of a beautiful flower.

But this day, that yellow flower broke the world's hold on me
and as I gazed upon this beautiful yellow flower
I realized I was surrounded by God's wonderful creations...I could see
The worldly things cannot compare with His mighty power.

I still think about fancy cars and homes and things so nice,
But when I walk on soft grass, or gaze upon a beautiful flower
I shall never forget God's place in my life and never take for granted
Nature's beauty, and God's awesome power.

Written by Rick Harris


Ujamaa Christian Poetry