Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Church Family

( for my Church family - Riverview Community Church )

Some folks have at least one sister and brother
Perhaps even more than that
Or maybe just a father and mother
But I have a large family and that's a fact.

My earthly brother has passed away
My mother and father are no longer here
My sister is still among us, I'm glad to say
But lives a long way away, not very near.

But God has blessed me in a very big way
brought me out of the darkness into His light
He's given me many brothers and sisters and more every day
My church family...what a beautiful sight.

I must tell you about my beloved Pastor Brett
He leads this church family, mighty man of God is he
In God's hands, he is firmly set
He teaches us, guides us, and God's way he helps us see.

My brothers and sisters have also taught me much
thanks to them, I have come very far
they care for me, pray for me and are always in touch
I love them so...what a glorious group they are.

This is my church family, God bless them all
I'm always there for them, as they are for me
They always help me up when I stumble and fall
With their love and support to help me be all I can be.

A church family such as this you can have too
Ask God into your heart and ask Him to help you see
He will bless you, love you and make you new
And He will direct you to a church family.

Written by Rick Harris


Ujamaa Christian Poetry