Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Want A Home In The Mountains

I want a home in the mountains
On the banks of a mountain stream
A small bridge between me and the city
Yes, that's one of my dreams.

I'm tired of living in a big noisy city
Concrete for grass, skyscrapers for trees
I'm tired of the crime, the smog; it's not very pretty
I want to go back to nature; I want to be free.

I want to arise in the morning with birds singing 'good morning'
And whippoorwill's call out at night
The air is still clear and the neighbors are nice
And the stars in Heaven shine ever so bright.

Where shade trees grow all around
Where grass grows so green and small animals play
The sounds of the stream and nature abounds
Where I am surrounded by God…what a glorious day.

Written by Rick Harris


Ujamaa Christian Poetry