Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Just Words

You give me these words
I hide in denial
and in the quiet
I hear music inside

You get me to dream
even on trial
for speaking my mind,
and giving my heart

There are words for these chords
There's a rythym of my home,
There are reasons you cause me to shine,
and there's time again to travel

There is hope in the road
there's a time for the pain,
and a path that forges tomorrow,
as a walk in the rain,

There only words for the tunes in my head,
There only words, to the melody...
It's all in the calling, that you place them inside,
past the egos that I leave unfed. Only the words.

So get by the window,
look past your past,
return past your present
storing treasures that last..It's only the Word...
Only your words...

Written by Richard Beattie


Ujamaa Christian Poetry