Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Sometimes I just don't get it. I guess I'd rather forget it.
All at once it's the view from the external shell.

If it appears I may regret it, I'll deny I ever said it.
And color in the canvas-as if all is well.

Getting too close to the Lion of Judah,
Am I willing to give up my life?

Too easily pleased with my own creation,
That's what's wrong with being too polite.

You cease being a catalyst in that situation-
And then found myself being exposed to the light.

[No where to hide]

Half- hearted creature, out on a flimsy limb.
I'm alone in the comfort of my usual sin.

But exposed to your light, reflects where I've been.
That's the way it looks from this external shell.

Where the heroes are featured, I always win.
It's my own epic, the story within-
Any thing bad I've done I blame on my evil twin-
Yeah that's where the evil dwells.

Flashing brilliance* Right on task*
Radar just made it under the magnifying glass.

False resilience*Hidden by the mask*

Waving half-mast*it's the flag of surrender.

I don't know that I really regret it.
I'll deny I ever said it and pretend that all is going well.

It flashes to the surface, emerging from the gray*
And although it may be painful, I choose truth into my expose.

Written by Richard Beattie


Ujamaa Christian Poetry