Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Heart of the matter choose

There was a mature man who had lived life and had seen many things
Whilst sitting on a park bench, in London's Hyde Park Corner on the 1st of May 1958
He had this to say, on a bright sun shining day filled with peace
Revenge and forgiveness were invited to a party called release
Revenge was all puffed up, filled with a language of settling scores
Forgiveness had mercy and said you are filled with sores

Revenge was oozing and needed to make a point
For each step taken revenge had a broken joint
Deep inside a heart of revenge covered every hurt
Even revenge's language was not only to the point but curt
Revenge had a heart of stone
Flowing to a rhythm all on its own, with rotting internal bones
Forgiveness asked the question, why carry all that load
Forgiveness brings healing it will release you don't you know

Forgiveness is the key for it lightens the load
With forgiveness life is easy and you won't be alone
But revenge retorted being as cold as ice
Talked about the dice of life and it wasn't very nice
Revenge said vengeance was good and that is the way to take
Forgiveness stepped in and said now that's a sad mistake
Revenge was unmoveable in stance and left the room
Forgive revenge for it knows not what to do

Forgiveness and revenge have their roles to play
Revenge and forgiveness are diametrically opposed
Be careful who you choose this day
For they have their own rewards

Revenge has a harden heart, cannot relate, hurts many,
It will even make grown men, women and children cry
Revenge cannot love, or receive love, it destroys relationships
It has harden ears, is spiritually blind and deaf,
Lives in bondage and bitterness is its friend
It has no peace and lives a life of sickness,

Forgiveness, brings healing, wholeness, freedom
Yes a peaceful way of living
The man on the park bench said he lived with both and their consequences
If you need help choosing take forgiveness and let the Lord do the rest.

Written by Juliet Ray


Ujamaa Christian Poetry